About Astou

Astou has a deep understanding of the world of fashion acquired through years of personal experience.
From capsule collection design through collaboration with independent fashion designers in Paris, she shows an infinite passion since her early days. Astou brings to the table years of experience in creating and assembling clothing elements and accessories to architect distinctive and sophisticated styles. She has fine-tuned the skills to understand at first glance a woman’s morphology and to derive from it a unique and personal style that will highlight her natural beauty.Independent, unique, creative, modern, dynamic, Astou always manages to identify the right fashion elements to perfectly capture the essence of her client’s real personality and lifestyle.Years of fashion modeling in Paris enriched Astou of a unique fashion elegance that she adapts and transmits as a second nature. Advising highly demanding individuals, for years and in different countries, Astou’s commitment and dedication to her clients precede her name.The combination of her business acumen and her passion for style and fashion have led Astou to create AS’FALL, a unique retail venue in Switzerland, with a focus on small and independent fashion designers, including her own creations. Her passion and dedication have made of AS’FALL a respected reference within designer fahion retail scene.