My philosophy

“We were all born unique so let’s embrace what makes us different”

My domain of expertise, as you may have already guessed, is fashion and personal style. Through an initial interview and an in-depth analysis of your morphology, personality, needs and lifestyle, I will help you identify your own style. Feeling good in our own skin involves a myriad  of facets. Breath in, lift your head high and start feeling it. This feeling of empowerment and self-confidence is a direct consequence of style.

Hundreds of women have trusted me with their image over many years

  • Whether you are just looking to add the latest trends to your collection, to do a major overhaul and detox of your wardrobe, or you are just tired of looking at your overflowing walk-in closet and going “I have NOTHING to wear!”, I can most likely be of assistance.
  • I will listen to you, get to know you, understand you, and then advise you, accompany you and share with you some of the secret of a subtle and sophisticated look. You simply make an appointment and I will be at your side.

Having a personal fashion adviser isn’t anymore reserved to some privileged person. Make the jump and take a look at my services